First attempt at pour bowls

by - February 11, 2016

I love being asked, "Do you make...", because chances are good that I don't, but am about to have fun trying something new. I also appreciate being able to post a question like "Do pour bowls need handles?" on Facebook and get an answer with in a few minutes. This was my first(ish) attempt at pour bowls, and I like the way they turned out. I made one many years ago that was completely ugly and now holds odd bits in the garage. The layered look of the green bowl was created with a black glaze and Millicent's Curtains. These weren't intended to be stacking, but the small foot on each bowl and similar shape allowed for it. The smallest bowl has more of a pinched spout, but I changed methods with the two larger ones, and did less pulling/pinching to form the spout. Instead, I ran my finger back and forth along the still very soft and wet rim and gently pushed outward. I can't remember if I braced the side of the bowl under the spout as I did this. This method led to less deformation of the clay around the spout than the pinching and pulling. The spout is also more open and would probably work better for a thick batter. I will keep playing with the method until I get something I can replicate and measure. I really love the look of stacked bowls.

Green and Black Pour Bowl White Ceramic Pour Bowl Stacking Pour Bowls Pour Bowl Spout White Ceramic Pour Bowl

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  1. Replies
    1. First: I used Millicent's curtains over a black.
      Second: I used a matte white over a speckled clay.



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