Spring Garden Planning Motivation

by - February 02, 2016

Once upon a time, I made a very fancy garden design.

Who was this person, and can she come and motivate me to get my act together for 2016? I'm actually impressed by this garden plan and may reuse some aspects of it. The only thing I've done this year (and there are 8 - 9 weeks until the last frost date) is rake the weeds on top of my garden soil.  I suppose that's better than doing nothing, and it means I can now go sprinkle some seeds out there, but otherwise I've given no thought to the coming season.

I promise to get it together soon. Meanwhile, here's the mess I have to work with:

The first thing I need to do is replenish the soil. This year I will treat it to a few bags of "Bumper Crop" from Logan's and some fresh mulch around the perennial herbs and flowers.

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