Holy Name Cathedral Dome Rising

by - March 11, 2016

I've felt wide open this week with the sunshine and warmer weather. My own students are on spring break, so there isn't as much online activity, and I've been busy in the garden trying to encourage little sprouts with just enough moisture to help them sink in their roots. While driving to the Farmer's Market on Wednesday, something bright and shiny caught my eye. I did a u-turn and made my way over to site of a new cathedral in Raleigh. It turns out is not just any cathedral, but it is the Diocese of Raleigh's new cathedral. I knew nothing of it before Wednesday, but I came back on Thursday after dropping the boys off at school and got to witness the final bit of lowering the 160-ton dome into place. I'm not Catholic, nor do I know anything about architecture, but still I could appreciate that this structure would far outlast my own lifetime and likely the lifetimes of my great-great-great-grand children.


3/10/16 - The dome is almost in place

3/10/16 - View of the dome from the Alexander YMCA
Here's a news article on the event: 

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