Fruit Trees

by - May 20, 2016

Our fruit trees are looking good this season.  We finally have gotten to try cherries this year!

The peach tree seems to have responded well to the heavy pruning at the beginning of spring. We tried to follow some extension guides, and while I think we did an okay job, there are still some branches drooping under the weight of the peaches. I have not been thinning out the fruit, but today I did take out a few skinny branches and new shoots. The peach tree has some sappy wounds on a few of its branches, and I'm not sure if that's from the boys sword fights or from something else.

This year I didn't spray anything on the nectarine or peach tree, and there has been a small return of the brown rot on the nectarine. The nectarines are probably ready for picking since the birds have been pecking them, and they are crunchy but sweet. Last year it didn't produce any fruit due to an overzealous pruning, and I suspect that helped reduce the spread of brown rot. Hopefully this will be the first year we get to try pomegranates.

Not pictured is the new pecan tree, which won't fruit for several more years, and the fig, which is still recovering from its move to a more sheltered spot and has not fruited yet.

Hairless Peach or Nectarine



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