Garden Monthly Pics

by - November 05, 2016

The fall progression is visible in the veggie garden. The rose bush was pruned back to its nubbins and the spent veggie plants were pulled. The large yellow mum grew too heavy and was cut back to the ground. Manure and cedar mulch were added to the beds. By now, we should have experienced our first frost of the season, but the weather forecaster says we could still be another week or two away this year. So it turns out the late-planted tomatoes may have been worth the effort after all. A second large patch of volunteer tomatillos grew, so we will get to prepare another batch of salsa verde. The first batch was lost in a freezer that experienced a melt-down. The strangest occurrence in the garden right now is a late production of summer squash. I buried a few overripe squashes earlier in the summer, and now plants have grown up from them, and new squash are growing. Some of the flowers are not pollinating, and when I opened a male blossom, I found a green caterpillar munching away and the blossom filled with 'pillar poo. The bees never would get a chance!

September Garden
October Garden
November Garden
Just this week I planted garlic and saw that other herbs are sprouting in the newly cleaned up beds. We've scattered greens, dill, cilantro and carrots and are hoping to get a nice spread of overwintered crops in the early spring. I still need to get my hands on some Spanish garlic and onion sets.

Elsewhere in the yard, more fruit trees and blueberry bushes have been planted. It's definitely more than I'll be able to keep up with, but I can trust the birds and deer to manage the coming crops.

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