What's Growing

by - December 09, 2016

monthly garden pic
The following edibles are currently growing in the garden:

Brussels sprouts
Swiss chard

There are also some mystery greens. I had a couple packets of old seeds that I sprinkled off the side of the deck into the dirt below, and that section is full of sprouts!

The crop of rudbeckia was gorgeous this summer but then was overtaken by an unknown condition. Fortunately it reseeded, and a slightly sunnier location is peppered with young plants. It's almost as if they revolted about the damp shade and walked over to a more favorable location. I dug up all the ones that sprouted on the gravel path. The ultimate goal is to spread the flower love all over the yard. I'm a fan of wild flowers that seem to multiply and migrate on their own.

One of the newest additions is also doing well. I relocated some autumn ferns growing under the knockout rose and replaced them with a small maidenhair fern that had a rough summer but seems happy in the cold. The leaves are delicate and seem to compete less with the rose leaves in the space and color department.

maidenhair fern

red onions 

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