January Garden Pics

by - January 05, 2017

Well the 2017 January garden isn't much to look at! Thanks to Amazon Prime (and several Pantry orders), we ended up with piles of cardboard over Christmas. I'm so exhausted by the weeds, that I decided it was finally time to give sheet composting... aka lasagna gardening... a go. That's a fancy way of saying I broke down the boxes and spread them over the empty beds. I wish I were better at having a winter plan. Because I chucked seeds off the deck and scattered them in the beds, my garden currently looks like a gardener just sneezed out seeds everywhere. I'll do better in the spring, I promise.

Bed of spinach and weeds

A bed of weeds

Dill, carrots and weeds

Layer 2 can be weeds, right?

Garlic bed and weeds

Arugula and weeds

Leatherleaf Mahonia -- possibly an invasive

Firepit garden with fresh mulch and new shed in the background

Nature trail and fresh mulch

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