Resolutions for 2017 - Homegrown Hospitatlity

by - January 01, 2017

When I was in Romania during the summer of 2002, we spent a week out in the country side of Șăulia, where I was so impressed that the homes grew fruit trees along the road side as a means of showing hospitality to travelers. Over the last few years of gardening, I've had a growing desire to make the garden more hospitable. I've moved a rosemary bush down to the curb, and grow a patch of sunflowers this summer to cheer up the neighbors. This fall we planted two apple trees down by the curb as well, and I'm hoping in time they will produce fruit to share.

My second New Year's resolution is homegrown hospitality. In addition to the rosemary, I plan on adding some other herbs and flowers and putting out some signage indicating they are for sharing. I'm a little bit of a control freak, so this may challenge me if I see plants clipped down to nothing. Chances are that deer will do more damage. Regardless, gardening is a passion that I enjoy sharing whether it's taking a friend a bag of veggies or giving planting tips. Having a street-side garden will hopefully bring a little joy. As far as I can tell, I spend more time out in the yard than any other neighbor on the cul-de-sac. Three of the four neighbors bordering us also garden, and I always enjoy chatting them up... even if I'm a full generation younger. I hope this opens up avenue for more relationships and even gets other people outside as we make the front yard more friendly.

The other plan in the works is a chicken coop. We have an HOA that may have a policy on animals outside of normal pets, but I have mentioned it at a meeting and received positive feedback. I assume that if I start sharing fresh eggs with the neighbors, whatever resistance there is left will melt.

So herbs and eggs to share is the resolution summed up.

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