She Got A Snake!

by - August 03, 2017

Yesterday evening we let the chickens forage in the garden, which has a 4' picket fence. Chickens are definitely rough on the veggies beds and sling dirt all over the paths. However, they sure can find the bugs! There were particularly many bugs under the pole bean teepee, which had a large piece of decaying cardboard on the floor to stop the weeds. It stopped the weeds and created wildlife habitat. The chickens were in there tearing it up, when one girl darted out with a thrashing garden snake in her beak. She carried it over to the flower and rock garden corner and proceeded to greedily devour her spoils.

Can my children go through life always this wowed by creation? I love my kid's voice as he narrates Tweedledum eating a garden snake. It's amazing how with laser sharp precision she goes for the snakes head over and over until it's dead. The video stops right around when she makes the final kill because I wanted to step out of the way and make sure he could see what was happening. I don't know how she did it, but she swallowed that whole thing down her gullet. There should be some protein-packed eggs coming soon! Tweedledum is a Buff Orpington X Rhode Island Red, and she's been laying eggs for about a week now.

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