Forest Ridge Park

by - October 01, 2017

It's not often we get to see the fruits of Joe's labor, but yesterday the boys got to participate in a ribbon cutting of one of his projects. Two winters ago, he took us out to hike in the snow at the future site of Forest Ridge Park at Falls Lake. Saturday morning, Joe nonchalantly mentioned wanting to go out to the park opening, and he gave us no indication that this was a thing, that they would announce the engineers, architects, and designers who had been on the team. He didn't even tell us there would be lemonade and a cookie platter! Phase 1 has been completed. The kids loved the zip-line on the playground, and as usual, we found some nature to ogle at.

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  1. An ideal location moreso a weekend plot for kids after a tough weeks of homeworks and study to elevate their mindss suggethanks to joes suggestion we have a spot for our kids



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