Sunday Stroll at Lake Johnson

by - October 22, 2017

Shortly after we unloaded the car from church, I demanded everyone pack up a snack because we were going on a hike. Joe picked the place, Lake Johnson, which was strategically half way to his favorite pizza place, Michelangelo's in Apex. Lake Johnson was a spot we discovered in college. We once drove there with my Camry packed to the brim with friends to watch the meteor showers. We also used to take Scoops there when he was a toddler to see the geese and ducks. Today we went to explore. After such a great weekend at Stone Mountain, my expectations weren't high, but we each discovered something wonderful -- a peaceful view, a power line dangling lost fishing lures, a graceful heron, an arrowhead, sparkly rocks, and a fuzzy caterpillar. 

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