New Pots

by - November 05, 2017

This fall I took a class "Throwing and Altering" at the NC State Crafts Center. I didn't do a good job altering, but I still had a fun time. These are my finished pots. I'm stilling waiting on another two to finish firing. There's probably another sneaking around the studio without my name and number written large enough. I'll have to track her down. They were fired in a gas kiln to cone 10. The mugs weren't altered at all. So I guess if the class were for a grade, I would have flunked. I did square off a couple pieces, and there's a bowl with a nice ruffled rim that's one of those still being fired.

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  1. NICELY DONE PAIGE!! It's okay, It may not be perfect but it soon will be so don't worry too much!! Keep working hard and you'll certainly see miracles happening!!



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