New Silkie Chicks

by - December 19, 2017

Meet Betty White and Vader. We are crossing our fingers that they are both hens! We were happy with five ladies, and when they were babies, they’d sleep in a pile in the corner. The girls have grown up now, and sweet little Luna doesn’t roost with the others and still sleeps in the corner. With temps dropping below freezing at night, I’ve been really worried about her staying warm enough. So today we brought home a pile... two new Silkies. We have cornered off part of the run for Luna and her two new pile mates. Once the ladies are used to their presence, we will integrate them into the flock. Silkies are super docile and likely won’t pick any fights, but Bella the boss doesn’t like to share treats, and Ruby is curious and protective of the flock. I’m hoping this works out! 

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