Picnic Table for the Hospitality Garden

by - February 10, 2019

For the past few years, I've been eyeing the picnic tables at Lowes. Then last year I heard an interview of Kristen Shell of The Turquoise Table who has built community and started a movement around hospitality in the simple action of putting a painted picnic table in her front yard. Last week when I went to Lowes to but a fern for my son's crabitat, I saw a stack of unassembled picnic tables for 50% off. The store had not put them together yet because the wood on the ends had weathered, and they didn't figure discolored tables were with the effort of assembly as they would never sell at full price. I decided that this was the time! I brought it home, and over the next few days got to work I pulled out the orbital sander and smoothed down the edges and the knots and sanded down some of the discoloration. I went back to Lowes for a gallon of Thompson's WaterSeal Timber Oil in transparent Teak and brushed on several layers to get a nice, rich color. I actually love the way the weathered portions gave the table a rustic look. After debate between the back yard and front yard, I had to concede to myself that I really did want it out front as it would build on the hospitality garden that was already in the works. 

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