Welcome to Love Sown!

This blog sorts through all kinds of topics from our home garden to our hobbies (pottery!) to local spots we visit. We live downtown on 1/3 acre in a constantly evolving area of the city. I'm always interested in finding ways to engage my boys' hearts and minds in our various adventures, and I long for my kids to experience the same freedom and comfort with the natural world I had growing up on a ten acre farm in Tennessee. I've also use this space to share my struggles with postpartum depression, miscarriage, identity, parenting, friendship and doubts. The blog may seem scattered (like seeds in a wide open field, if you will), but at the center of it is love - love for my family, love for life, and God's love for me.

Join us on our adventures as we play with tools, grow our kitchen garden from seed, upcycle old materials into new creations, and get a little dirt under our nails. We are bound to make many mistakes, both happy and not, which is what makes it all such a fun learning process.


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