I make functional wheel thrown ceramics including serving bowls and plates, lidded bowls for trinkets, pedestal bowls, and small posy bottles. All pieces are food, oven and dishwasher safe. My business, which is more of a hobby, rides with the ebb and flow of life as a parent of young kids, so when I am able to get to the wheel, it is done in love and excitement. As my love for gardening has grown, I've planted hobbies with leaf imprints in platters and spoon rests as well as small window gardens in wheel thrown planters. My pottery reflects a draw towards understated beauty, simple lines and curves, and sturdy compositions that can withstand the chaos of life (or curious little hands). Follow along on my journey, here on Love Sown.

It looks like this may have been a show I did before kids, evidenced by my fresh face.


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